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About Us

CuWAV, Web Accessible Visits, LLC is a pioneering, technologically advanced company that is using the emerging world of Internet accessibility, mobile and wirelessly-connected devices, and public acceptance of Internet communication to open the door to enhanced applications and superior services. With its innovative software, CuWAV has created a unique platform for high quality Internet visits that are billable by the minute or specified time period.

Gary BBC

Mr. Humphries Interview- BBC

Headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia, the company specializes in the design, development, deployment, and support of communications products. The technology is based on over 40 years of accumulated experience in video conferencing methodology and web technology, so users can be confident in the quality of the system.

Gary Humphries, CuWAV’s president, and founder invented Remote Web-Based Visitation System for Prisons , Patent number: 9094569 and Method and Apparatus for Providing both Audio/Video Visitation and Voip Telephonic Visitation Originated Either by and Inmate or by and Outside Visitor directly between Inmates of a Prison and an Outside Visitor Without need of Intervention by Prison Personnel, Patent number: 9124763.  Now, using the same standard, he has adapted the concept for a pay-by-the-minute video approach to accomplish a variety of business communications. The concept comprises powerful communication solutions and a robust management system wherein video calls can be recorded and stored for a defined time, which can limit your exposure to product liability.

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