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Technology in the hands of businessmen

Custom Video Products and Applications: Our team members at CuWAV have accumulated over 60 years of experience in managing the design, building, and implementation of numerous video solutions.  Read More

Video Visitation

Internet-Based Inmate Video Visitation for Correctional Facilities: Internet-based visitation systems allow family members, friends, and professionals (attorneys, public defenders, video court arraignments, etc.) to participate in video visits with incarcerated individuals from any device (smart phone, tablet, or computer) connected to the Internet.  

Video Arraignment

Internet-Based Inmate Video Arraignment for Correctional Facilities:  With a video arraignment system, the defendant may appear before a judge/magistrate who can be located anywhere s/he has high speed internet for arraignment. Read More

Medical Visits

Internet-Based Medical Visits: Talk with a medical provider day or night using your smart phone, tablet, or computer to conduct a video visit. Patients sign in to see a nurse or doctor at a per-minute rate with minimum times and fees for specific situations. 


Internet-Based Technical Support: Talk with a customer support expert using your smart phone, tablet, or computer to conduct a video visit. This service provides live video product support and troubleshooting services for retailers of various products.