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Custom Video Products and Applications

Our team members at CuWAV have accumulated over 60 years of experience in managing the design, building, and implementation of numerous video solutions. The range of experience and expertise includes innovative and trend-setting projects that incorporated high end, cutting edge video and graphics technologies for multimillion dollar Navy flight simulators and Naval Aviator training programs (including Top Gun), as well as the early development of long distance video medicine for the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in the early 1990’s. Members of our team have successfully implemented real-time video security systems for high value U.S. government facilities and have designed and maintained remote video monitoring systems for manufacturers of precision manufacturing equipment. To demonstrate our global capabilities, members of our team have designed prototypes for video surveillance systems for diamond mines in Africa as well as subway systems in China.

At CuWAV, we are proficient at taking customers’ needs and desires and turning them into satisfied customers’ solutions. We love a good challenge here at CuWAV.

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. – Albert Einstein