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WebRTC vs. Flash – Not Much of a Competition [Read More]

What is WebRTC?

WebRTC (Web Real Time Communication) the newest standard for online communication and is intended to replace Adobe’s old-man Flash. Prior to WebRTC, in order to send data (text, audio, video) from one web browser to another, the data would travel through a server (adding payload in terms of network traffic and latency). A server acts like the hub for a major airline- flights stop at the hub so that passengers can connect to their destination. Passengers may need to go through baggage claim, immigration, layovers and delays (the equivalent of the processing that may take place on the server in the middle). However, isn’t nicer (and so much faster) to fly direct?
Imagine if airlines had direct flights available from your local airport to every single destination in the world- the improvements to air travel would be tremendous. In much the same way, WebRTC is destined to change the web as we know it because it eliminates the need to connect through a server in order to send data. Furthermore, unlike Skype for example, WebRTC does not require any downloads or installation of software- it is a completely open platform. Many companies are sun setting outdated communication technologies such as Flash and moving to WebRTC.

Reasons WebRTC is AWESOME:

– Coded in JavaScript (essentially the Internet’s mother tongue) – Pristine audio / video quality – Real-time network adjustments based on connection speed.

Reasons Flash is NOT awesome:

– Coded in Flex (a bulky and antiquated programming language) – Poor video quality and audio that is plagued with echo/feedback problems – Preset non-adjustable network that does not respond to connection speed.


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